1. What are the new dates and venue?
The conference will now be held from 5-8 October, 2021, with 4 October as the pre-conference ‘capacity-building’ day. The conference will be held virtually.

2. What is the impact on the Conference programme?
The Conference organizers will work to retain the original programme as far as possible, barring a few minorchanges. The new programme shall be updated on our website in due course.

1. I had already registered for the Conference, what about my registration?
All paid registrations shall continue to be registered for the Adaptation Futures in 2021. You would not be required to register again for the new dates.However, in order to accommodate the revised fees participants are encouraged to register other colleagues to make up for the balance amount or write to the Adapatation Future Secretariat at af2020@teri.res.in and follow the refund process to get their balance amount.

2. Registrations on the AF2020 website were temporarily suspended. Will you still accept new registrations?
The Registration page is now active at http://events.teriin.org/terievent/registration/regstep1/150 and will be open till 4th October 2021.

1. What about the accepted sessions and abstracts?
All confirmed abstracts and sessions proposals remain as is.

2. Will I have to resubmit my Session or Abstract?
No, you are not required to resubmit your abstracts and session proposals.

3. Will the Conference organisers open a call for submissions again?
No, the call shall not be reopened.

4. What about Attendance Grant awards and applications?
If you were selected for an attendance grant, your grant still holds as was notified to you. An updated invitation letter with funding details will be made available to you in due course.

5. Will you open the call for new Attendance Grant applications?
No new attendance grant applications will be considered.

1. When will the Pre-Conference Capacity Building week happen?
AF2020 shall host the Pre-Conference Capacity Building week from 27th September to 1st October 2021. The Capacity building workshops will be held in webinar formats from 4:00 - 6:00 PM IST. More details will be available soon.

2. Will you still hold the Early Career Workshop and MasterClasses? Yes the Early Career Workshop and master classess shall happen as planned. More details will be available soon.

3. I was selected for the Early Career Workshop, does my spot still hold? Yes, previously selectedparticipants shall continue to be considered for the Early Career Workshop. We shall not be reopening the call for Early Career Workshop.

4. I had registered for a MasterClasses, what about it? Previously registered participants shall continue to be registered for the MasterClasses. More details will be available soon.
Incase of any other questions, you may get in touch with the AF2020 Secretariat for any queries via the following email address af2020@teri.res.in or visit our contact us page for more details. Also follow us on our social media handles for new updates.