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( 27th May 2021 )

Assessing global adaptation progress ideally requires frameworks and metrics that are applicable across countries and sectors, and over time. Unlike mitigation (which can be measured in terms of greenhouse gases reduction), there is no simple, unique and universal adaptation metric than can quantify adaptation results holistically. This is not surprising given the complexity and ambiguity of adaptation processes, and the context-specific particularities and needs across regions and sectors (agriculture, water, energy, etc.) and governmental levels (city, regions, nations…). As a result there is no consensus on what adaptation metrics should look like and how they should be used.

IPAM’s main objective is to facilitate the co-design of metrics through exchange and innovation, and take into account the need for aggregation and comparison. Towards that objective, IPAM has proposed a work programme (AMME – Adaptation Metrics Mapping and Evaluation) to direct understanding of adaptation metrics in an arena where needs on the ground should drive policy recommendations, sectoral strategies, fundraising and allocation of funds and scientific advancements.

This webinar will present the principles on which the framework will be developed, under which user/committee-led projects related to sectoral, transversal or technical approaches are mapped and evaluated. Various adaptation experts will discuss the framework concept before it will be examined on a sectoral basis in break-out sessions.

The ‘Challenges on Adaptation Metrics: IPAM’s proposed framework’ webinar is part of the WASP Science Policy Brief series convened to support researchers, policymakers and practitioners to further their knowledge and capacity and underpin effective adaptation to climate change.
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Adaptation Futures 2020 - Challenges of Adaptation Metrics: IPAM’s Proposed Framework