Webinar Series
( 2nd July 2021 )

We are pleased to invite you to yet another exciting pre-conference webinar on the 2nd of July, 4 PM IST.

With climate change becoming increasingly central to policy, planning and implementation at various levels, there is an urgent need for coherence between climate change strategies at the national, sub-national and district level. In India, formulation of SAPCCs has been an important milestone in developing domestic policies around climate change, and the SAPCCs are the guiding document for planning climate change actions for all the state departments. In view of the advancement in science, evolving climate policy context- both nationally and internationally such as through commitments under NDC and other priorities of the government, SAPCCs are being revised and strengthened further. A central aspect of SAPCCs is that they intend to mainstream climate change action into local-level planning. Mainstreaming climate change can have different meanings and understandings depending upon the contextual relevance of an action/policy or perception, from implementing an incremental action to transformative policies, ideas, and ideologies. However, for any developmental activity to achieve its full potential mainstreaming climate change concerns has become inevitable. It is further important to note that mainstreaming adaptation is an iterative process and in order to ensure accountability and enhance learning it is essential to have a feedback mechanism.

Since 2010 state governments in India have developed, implemented and have tested approaches for mainstreaming climate change adaptation at various levels of governance with SAPCC as the overarching guiding document. Several approaches have been implemented that are unique in the nature as they are at the interplay between communities, NGOs, governance mechanisms.

The webinar seeks to gather inputs from State nodal agencies on climate change, state line departments, practitioners from civil society organisations, academic institutions and think tanks, international agencies

Organized jointly by MoEFCC and GIZ, the webinar would have the following objectives

  • Experience sharing on ten years of SAPCC formulation and implementation
  • Deliberate on the dynamics and of SAPCCs as a driver for mainstreaming climate change
  • Deliberate on pathways for downscaling SAPCC to district and village level
On the basis of the webinar, a document would be prepared to collate the key outcomes and shared with all the states as they embark on the process of implementing the revised SAPCCs.

The tentative agenda for the webinar series can be found here

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SAPCC: Driver of Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Sub-national and Local Planning