Webinar Series
( 10th Dec 2020 )

This webinar was designed as a precursor to the conference as an additional platform to feed into the global adaptation dialogue, highlighting the need to accelerate adaptation in today’s uncertain times. It was conducted on 10 December 2020, focusing broadly on the issues of climate change, adaptation and migration.

Climate change impacts particularly affect lower-income countries, where populations depend heavily on their natural environment and have only low resources to adapt to and cope with changing climatic conditions. Some areas that currently provide livelihoods to subsistence farmers, fishers, or urban dwellers could become uninhabitable in the future. Under these circumstances, migration from affected areas can be the only feasible strategy for affected households to ensure survival. This webinar explores the linkages between climate change, adaptation and migration bringing together policy makers, practitioners, and scientific experts. Building on recent evidence and case studies, speakers and panelist will discuss the implications of climate change and highlight adaptation challenges and the role of climate-induced migration for affected communities.
The agenda for the webinar series can be found here
The webinar proceedings are available here

Webinar Recording

Adaptation Futures 2020- Climate Change, Adaptation and Migration