Webinar Series
( 29th Jan 2021 )

This webinar on 'Governing Adaptation with Local Actors and Global Networks' was conducted on 29 January 2020, as part of our pre-conference webinar series. The webinar series has been designed as a precursor to the conference as an additional platform to feed into the global adaptation dialogue, highlighting the need to accelerate adaptation in today’s uncertain times.

This webinar has been organised by the Climate South Project in collaboration with Adaptation Futures 2020 and the Global Centre for Adaptation. It brings together insights from recent events and academic research focusing on the governance of adaptation and the role of sub-national and non-state actors therein. The webinar focuses on the global governance of climate change from the perspective of adaptation as well as the role of non-state and sub-national actors.

The agenda for the webinar series can be found here

The presentations shown in the webinar can be found here
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Webinar Recording

Adaptation Futures 2020: Governing Adaptation with Local Actors and Global Networks